Head injury may lead to compensation pursuit

An accident at work that resulted in a man suffering a serious head injury may lead to him launching a bid for personal injury compensation.

Demolition worker Gareth Dodds was operating on a project in South Yorkshire when a 20-metre steel girder struck him as it was being moved by an industrial excavation machine.

As a result of this collision, Mr Dodds sustained a severe head injury as well as fractures to his back and an investigation into the incident revealed that his employer, James Hudson Demolition, failed to provide its workers with adequate protection while working on the site of a former school.

It was discovered that no barriers had been erected to separate walkways and areas where vehicles and machines were being used.

His employer subsequently admitted breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, meaning Mr Dodds could decide to seek compensation.

This comes after figures from the Health and Safety Executive showed that the number of workers dying in accidents in the construction industry rose to 50 in 2010-11 from 41 in the previous year.

Posted by Craig Williams

07/07/2011 16:55