Govt 'must act to reduce road traffic accidents involving youngsters'

Young drivers are more likely to seek personal injury compensation settlements after road traffic accidents than their older counterparts, an expert in the motoring industry has suggested.

During a speech given at Brake's Road Safety Forum International Congress recently (June 30th), Julie Townsend, campaigns director at the organisation, stated that each year, one young driver in every 60 is involved in a collision in which death or serious injury occurs.

Ms Townsend blamed this fact on the inadequacies of Britain's learning system, which she indicated leaves new motorists without the necessary "experience and maturity".

With this in mind, she called on the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to implement legislative changes to alter the way people are taught to handle cars.

She said there is an "urgent need for the government to show leadership in tackling young driver crashes".

This comes after the RAC reported that the European New Car Assessment Programme and the European Road Assessment Programme had urged the administration to improve the standard of the UK's road signs.

Posted by Patrick White

01/07/2011 16:57