Expert: Exercise can combat stress at work

Individuals struggling with the effects of stress at work should try to get more exercise.

That is the suggestion of hypnotherapist and stress manager Ann Finnemore, who noted that physical activity can help alleviate the symptoms of emotional anxiety.

In the aftermath of the recession, an increasing number of people have suffered from stress due to the added pressure being exerted on them within their profession thanks to factors like pay cuts and redundancies.

Indeed, recent research by Scottish Provident revealed that 37 per cent of Britons describe themselves as either "stressed" or "very stressed" at the moment because of issues such as the rising cost of living.

However, Ms Finnemore, who also runs the Getting You There programme, explained that exercise can aid relaxation as it releases endorphins, which "naturally lift a person's mood and makes them feel better".

She went on to advise employees that this "doesn't have to be sport or [done in the] gym", as activities like gardening are also effective.

Posted by Patrick White

18/07/2011 16:50