Ex-steelworker seeking personal injury compensation

A former employee in the steel sector has revealed he is considering seeking personal injury compensation as he battles with an industrial disease.

According to the Sheffield Star, John Pearson was diagnosed with mesothelioma - a condition that affects the inner-cell lining of the lungs - in January this year after a career operating in various Yorkshire steelworks.

Consequently, the 57-year-old is now thinking about the possibility of taking legal action against his former employers on the grounds that the potentially-fatal disease has stopped him from participating in many of his favourite pastimes.

"I loved cycling and walking - not only was it enjoyable but it also kept me fit. Thanks to my condition I struggle to do any of those things any more," he told the news source.

He went on to note that even though it is around 30 years since he was exposed to asbestos, the symptoms of mesothelioma can appear extremely quickly.

Posted by Craig Williams

05/07/2011 16:45