Couple seeking compensation from Halfords

Compensation is being sought by a couple suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder after a recent incident in the north of England.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Andrew Thomas and Elizabeth Cooper are pursuing damages from Halfords after an ill-fitted bike rack shattered the back window of their car on York Road just minutes after they purchased it.

Although neither of the couple were physically injured during the accident, they told the news source they were badly shaken and have suffered extensive stress since it happened.

Ms Cooper told the news source that Halfords - which has 466 branches across the UK and the Republic of Ireland - is refusing to accept that its negligence caused the incident and has only offered them £100 as a "good will" gesture.

Therefore, the couple are now launching legal action against the firm, with the woman adding: "This could have caused a really serious accident."

Posted by Craig Williams

15/07/2011 16:42