Council's plan to reduce road traffic accidents rejected

A campaign will continue to reduce the number of road traffic accidents occurring in one area of the UK, it has been announced.

According to the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, the Highways Agency has rejected a plea for u-turn gaps on the A419 to be blocked permanently on the grounds of safety and consequently potentially limiting the number of personal injury compensation claims made after crashes on the road.

The body reacted to a case put forward by local councillor Peter Colmer by permitting the u-turn spots on the highway near the Cricklade junction to be closed off for a trial period.

However, this will not be made permanent because it perceives the cost of doing so is too prohibitive, the news source noted.

Councillor Colmer observed he is "very disappointed" with this decision, but said this issue may be re-visited in the future.

This comes after Julie Townsend of Brake urged the government to take action to reduce the number of road traffic accidents occurring involving younger motorists.

Posted by Helen Jones

04/07/2011 16:55