Burns and scarring lead to compensation claim

Burns and scarring sustained by a woman during an accident at work have resulted in her starting legal proceedings in an attempt to secure personal injury compensation.

According to the Daily Mirror, Sudesh Bala suffered burns to her legs and back and had to spend two weeks in hospital after an incident in October last year while working for Shoba UK, in which she fell into a vat of boiling curry.

The 47-year-old was unable to get out of the container for five minutes and subsequently sustained "horrendous" injuries that left her bed-bound for three months and unable to work for another three.

Furthermore, the news source noted that Ms Bala still has to take painkillers to cope and struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Naresh Bala, her husband, commented: "When I saw her injuries I couldn't believe it."

Recently, a school pupil was awarded £11,000 after sustaining burns and scarring in an accident in Middlesbrough, the Daily Mail reported.

Posted by Craig Williams

06/07/2011 16:09