Broken bones may result in compensation pursuit

Broken bones may result in compensation pursuit

A demolition employee who sustained broken bones and a neck problem in an accident at work could result in him seeking personal injury compensation.

Self-employed worker Daniel Cope was operating on a project on Grimsby docks with H Cope and Sons in May of last year when he was sent in to a partially-demolished building by the site manager in order to help remove asbestos from the area.

However, while he was inside, the roof of the construction collapsed, some of which struck him on the head, leading him to sustain a broken knee and serious bruising to his shoulder and neck.

An investigation into the incident by the Health and Safety Executive concluded that the company was aware of the risks and bosses subsequently admitted breaching safety regulations.

Mr Cope, who may now seek damages, commented: "A year on and the accident still has an impact on my life."

This comes after construction worker Gareth Dodds sustained a head injury on a site in South Yorkshire.

Posted by Patrick White

08/07/2011 16:54