Construction worker suffers back injury at work

Broken bones may lead to compensation pursuit

A construction worker suffered broken bones and a back injury in an accident at work.

Michael McCarthy was working on scaffolding for P O Sharps Landscapes on a project to build the roof of an extension to a property in Verwood, when he fell from a height of three metres to the ground below.

As a result of the accident the 60-year-old professional construction industry workman suffered fractures to both his ankles and damage to his spine.

An investigation into the accident conducted by the Health and Safety Executive revealed that Mr McCarthy was operating on an area that had not been protected by the inclusion of guard rails.

In a subsequent case heard at Bournemouth Magistrates' Court, P O Sharps admitted breaching the Work at Height Regulations 2005. With the Court ruling in his favour, the injured workman can now start a back injury claim that is likely to be successful.

This comes after a similar accident in which two men suffered broken bones after falling seven metres down a lift shaft in an accident at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Derby.