Stress at work 'can be tackled by visualisation'

Mental health issues caused by stress at work can be tackled by the use of the imagination.



That is according to stress doctor Terri Bodell, who believes that visualisation can play a major role in restricting the negative impact of suffering from such job-related pressure.


Research published earlier this week (May 16th) by mental health charity Mind revealed that around 20 per cent of all employees in the UK currently feel either 'stressed' or 'very stressed' in their jobs, with many also indicating their boss has increased pressure on them following the recession.


However, Ms Bodell explained that visualising a "peaceful picture" is one way to combat this common issue, as doing so "directly targets the chemical source of stress - your brain and emotions - so that you feel calmer and ready to focus on finding a solution to the problem".


She added this method can be used effectively on a regular basis to reduce stress at work.


Posted by Craig Williams

18/05/2011 16:29