Slipping and tripping results in £4k compensation award

An instance of slipping and tripping has led to a haulier being awarded a personal injury compensation settlement of £4,000.

According to online resource Chronicle Live, Ian Burridge fell on a piece of cardboard being used to cover up a spillage of cat litter while making a delivery at a branch of Asda - a global retailer with more then 3,000 stores worldwide - in County Durham.

Mr Burridge had asked workers at the supermarket for a brush to sweep up the mess himself, but employees instead laid down a temporary - and hazardous - cover of cardboard.

As a result of his fall, the 42-year-old has developed osteoarthritis, a condition for which there is no cure and that is likely to get worse over time.

The man told the news source that he still feels pain in his knee and is worried the joint "will never be the same again".

Posted by Craig Williams

26/05/2011 16:46