Slipping and tripping leads to compensation claim

An instance of slipping and tripping in a take away in the north-west of England has resulted in a worker seeking personal injury compensation.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Sylvia Cheung sustained a head injury as well as an affliction to her spinal cord when she fell over shortly before finishing a shift at the Yang Sing restaurant in the Dovecot district of Liverpool, an area to the east of the city centre.

This accident at work occurred when Mrs Cheung slipped on wet tiles at the entrance of the shop as she left the premises and the impact of her collision with the floor caused her to be knocked unconscious.

An investigation into the incident found that Pei Hui Zhu, owner of the restaurant, had not put a mat at the door of the establishment, meaning the floor was exposed when it rained.

A subsequent court hearing ruled that Mrs Zhu had been negligent, meaning her employee is launching legal action against her for compensation.

Posted by Craig Williams

17/05/2011 16:49