Residents' plea to 'cut' road traffic accidents rejected

Residents in one area of the Midlands have criticised local officials for making a decision which they believe could result in a higher number of road traffic accidents occurring there.

According to the Birmingham Mail, people living on Reddings Road in the Moseley region of Birmingham had campaigned for a speed bump to be inserted on the stretch due to the amount of injuries caused through speeding on the stretch.

This street has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour, but is known locally as an accident blackspot as motorists routinely exceed this figure.

With this in mind, residents believe a speed bump should be laid down on the road as a way of limiting the number of accidents and injuries occurring there, but this request has been rejected by the city council, the news source added.

This comes after research by the Road Safety Foundation suggested there will still be personal injury compensation claims after car crashes in Scotland despite a "marked improvement" in conditions there recently, Herald Scotland reported.

Posted by Craig Williams

24/05/2011 16:52