Pensioner may seek compensation for burns and scarring

Burns and scarring sustained by a pensioner during an accident at home may result in him seeking personal injury compensation.

The unnamed 68-year-old needed treatment at the nearby Queen Alexandra Hospital in Hampshire - an institution managed by the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust - for his injuries, which are believed to have been caused by a gas explosion at his house in Gosport.

Fire services had to attend the incident, while a structural engineer is now assessing the damage inflicted on the residential property.

While the cause of the explosion is not yet known, the inhabitant may be eligible for damages if, for example, it is found that his boiler was defective.

Mark Brittain, spokesman for the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, told the Portsmouth News that the building had to be evacuated due to the severity of the blaze and added that the man's burns were "serious" enough for him to require attention from medical professionals.

Posted by Patrick White

09/05/2011 16:53