Couple seek food poisoning compensation

Personal injury compensation on the grounds of food poisoning is being sought by a newly-wed couple following their honeymoon in Mexico.

According to the Brentwood Weekly News, Robert Parker and Theresa Parker-Isles headed off to the Yucatan Peninsular in the central American nation to celebrate their marriage in May 2010, after agreeing a £4,000 deal with tour operator First Choice.

However, after just 48 hours of their trip the pair claim they began suffering the effects of food poisoning - which can include symptoms such as sickness, dehydration and diarrhoea - due to undercooked produce they had consumed from the restaurant at their resort.

Mrs Parker-Iles told the news source the standard of food available was "frightening".

"Fish was served partially raw, the same food was often served up day after day and there were birds flying around the restaurant," she noted.

As a result, they are seeking damages from First Choice for their ordeal.

Posted by Helen Jones

31/05/2011 16:18