Construction workers urged to boost asbestos safety knowledge

Professionals in the construction sector in one area of northern England have been urged to attend a course of events aimed at providing them with education as to how they can avoid contracting asbestos-related illnesses.

Workers operating in this sector in Yorkshire are to be offered information on the potentially lethal substance from experts at the South Yorkshire and Humber branch of the Working Well Together Group, an organisation with 16 regional arms across the UK.

These events will take place in the county in locations such as Sheffield next month and will begin with a meeting in Barnsley on June 3rd.

They will feature tips and exercises to help raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos that have been created by experts in the industry along with officials from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

David Redman, principal inspector at the HSE, called on builders, joiners, decorators and electricians to attend as "asbestos can be present in any building built before 2000".

Posted by Patrick White

24/05/2011 16:51