Accident in public place results in £60k compensation award

Broken bones sustained during an accident in a public place have resulted in a woman being awarded a personal injury compensation settlement of £60,000.

According to the Horse and Hound, Maxine Wright suffered two fractured vertebrae during an incident in which she fell from a horse while taking part in riding lessons at the Whitmore Riding School in Staffordshire.

Ms Wright, an experienced rider, was on a mare named Marmite, which tripped at a jump constructed of unsecured oil drums and was consequently forced to stay off work for a period of four months.

"Her hindlegs clipped the barrel, which moved forward and we both fell. I knew something was really wrong. I was listed as critical and was in hospital for about a fortnight," she told the news source.

Meanwhile, Mike Etherington Smith of British Eventing - the official governing body of UK riding - said that such fences should always be adequately secured in order to prevent injuries occurring.

Posted by Craig Williams

25/05/2011 16:41