Accident at work could lead to compensation award

Broken bones sustained during an accident at work may result in a haulier seeking personal injury compensation from his employer.

Dean Bridges was working for Ampthill Metal Company - a firm established in Bedfordshire in 1968 - as a heavy goods transporter and, at the time of the incident, was driving a Roll-on Roll-off container at the company's depot.

Mr Bridges suffered multiple fractures to his jaw and also lost three teeth when he removed the locating pin holding the rear door of the item closed as he attempted to open it.

This resulted in the handle of the container springing out and striking him in the face, an incident that left him unable to eat solid food for a period of three months, as well as unable to work for around eight weeks.

The 41-year-old also had to have his jaw wired and 47 stitches inserted in the wound, meaning he is likely to seek damages.

Posted by Craig Williams

13/05/2011 16:06