Broken bones may result in personal injury compensation claim

Broken bones sustained during an accident at work may lead to a man seeking personal injury compensation from a steel firm based on Tyneside.

Alan Dixon's feet were crushed in an incident at the depot of Spartan UK in Gateshead - a town located near to Newcastle - when he came into contact with a rolling mill as he and some colleagues conducted a routine round of maintenance work.

This equipment is facilitated to cut the volume of steel slabs at extremely high temperatures and the 62-year-old employee was standing on one of the machines in order to remove part of it for weekly cleaning.

However, a fellow worker was unaware of this and started up the equipment, causing Mr Dixon's right foot to be completely crushed, as well as part of his left foot.

As a result, he had to have the worst affected limb amputated below the knee and it is thought to be unlikely he will ever work again, meaning a claim for compensation could be forthcoming.

Posted by Craig Williams

14/04/2011 16:50