Bosses 'need to be more proactive with health and safety'

Bosses of companies across all sectors need to take more care if they are to avoid personal injury compensation claims from employees on the grounds of ailments such as broken bones.

That is the view of Roger Bibbings, occupational safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, who has said that there are still many aspects of an effective health and safety at work policy that are completely ignored by managers.

"Road risk, ergonomics, stress, skin health, noise and vibration, fire - just about every conceivable hazard is often overlooked," he stated.

Mr Bibbings went on to explain that too often, policymakers within a business fail to "lead the way when it comes to health and safety", meaning that workers are often then not involved in the process of implementing a solid system.

His comments came after the publication of research by the National Patient Safety Agency, which suggested that accidents at work are becoming more common.

Posted by Craig Williams

10/03/2011 16:23