BCC welcomes government health and safety proposals

The government's plans to reform the health and safety sector in the UK have been welcomed by an expert.

Under plans unveiled yesterday by employment minister Chris Grayling, inspections of companies - which are designed to reduce accidents at work - will from now on be focused on firms that are perceived as "high-risk".

This move is intended to both crack down on unscrupulous employers who dice with the safety of their employers, while also reducing levels of legislative red tape faced by those companies which comply with the required standards.

David Frost, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, has spoken of his support for these proposals, as long as they are followed by "real action to reduce burdens on businesses".

Mr Frost explained that these alterations will enable managers to "spend less time on tick box exercises" and added that the targeting of risky businesses is "sensible".

Posted by Craig Williams

22/03/2011 16:41