Older drivers more likely to seek road traffic accident damages?

Older people may be more likely than others to seek personal compensation for injuries caused during road traffic accidents, it has been suggested.

According to Clare Simpson, communications executive for RoadSafe, factors such as "age-related decline in mental and physical abilities" make older motorists more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents.

Therefore, this could translate to a higher proportion of drivers in this age bracket seeking damages settlements for health issues such as whiplash following a collision than any other group.

Ms Simpson noted that motorists of all ages should go for "regular health checks as recommended by the relevant professionals" in order to make sure they are fit enough to drive safely.

This comes after research from the University of Rochester published last week (January 26th 2011) stated that the driving skills of the elderly may diminish because they find it difficult to block out unwanted background detail.

Posted by Patrick White

03/02/2011 16:49