NHS nurses could seek back injury damages, report suggests

Claims for personal injury compensation may be more common among nurses than many other employee groups in the UK, new research has suggested.

According to a study conducted by national charity BackCare - which looks to promote good practice in workplaces to avoid health problems - some 80,000 members of staff at the NHS struggle with a back injury every year.

This, the organisation noted, results in 3,600 healthcare workers being forced to retire early due to the pain caused by their back problem, which could then result in them filing cases for damages against their former employer.

It is estimated that back injuries currently cost the UK taxpayer in excess of £400 million every year due to the fact that nurses and care workers are forced to take sickness leave due to their injuries.

Acting chief executive officer of BackCare Sean McDougall commented that this research highlights the fact that "better training and systems of management" are desperately needed in the NHS.

Posted by Patrick White

08/02/2011 16:47