Man wins compensation after bus collision

Compensation has been awarded to a man who suffered serious injuries after being struck by a bus.

Stephen Lightfoot, 54, was left with a brain haemorrhage and a fractured skull following the accident in County Durham in November 2008.

Although Mr Lightfoot was intoxicated at the time of the incident, a court ruled the bus company was liable because the driver of the vehicle had not been paying full attention to the road.

Indeed, he was seen on CCTV checking a timetable while the bus was still in motion.

Mr Justice Richard McCombe said the bus driver had not been "observing the prime rule of driving" by keeping a good lookout.

"His action was not dissimilar to answering a mobile telephone, opening a drink or altering a radio station or a GPOS device when driving," he commented.

This comes after charity group Brake reported that the number of people seriously injured on Britain's roads dropped in 2009.

Posted by Patrick White


22/02/2011 16:42