Grandmother takes legal action after fall on road

A 61-year-old grandmother is taking legal action against a council after she fell and broke both her ankles on one of its highways.

Dorothy Bradbury, 61, was shopping with her husband in Hanley in January when they attempted to cross one of the city's roads, the Staffordshire Sentinel reports.

She trod on an uneven section of rarmac and fell to the ground, with passersby having to help her and prevent oncoming traffic from hitting her.

It was later found that both of the victim's ankles were broken and she had to have a metal plate inserted in one foot to repair the damage.

Ms Bradbury has been almost housebound since her accident and is now seeking personal injury compensation from Stoke-on-Trent City Council for her ordeal.

"I think the state of the roads in the city is disgusting," she commented.

Last month, the Asphalt Industry Alliance revealed that every mile of road in England and Wales now has an average of ten potholes as a result of the recent cold weather.

Posted by Helen Jones

18/02/2011 17:12