Cycling accident leads to £5k compensation award

A cycling accident which caused a man leg injuries has resulted in him being awarded £5,000 in compensation for his ordeal.

According to the Bournemouth Echo, Roger Excell crashed into the back of a temporary roadworks sign in the town of Poole as he cycled to work early on the morning of August 14th 2007.

He subsequently suffered torn muscles and tendons in his groin and legs, as well as being knocked unconscious and lacerating his arm and required the use of walking sticks for some ten weeks afterwards.

Mr Excell claimed that even though his bike had a strong headlamp, he did not see the supposedly unlit sign which was blocking a cycle path until it was too late.

Therefore, the Borough of Poole was ruled to have been in contravention of section 17 (2) of the Interpretation Act, which states that all temporary road signs must be located where they are clearly visible to all road users.

Posted by Craig Williams

14/02/2011 16:40