Family looking into damages claim following mesothelioma death

The family of an elderly man who has passed away due to an asbestos-related illness are seeking legal advice over the possibility of making a claim for personal injury compensation on his behalf.

Henry Carr died at the age of 76 in 2009 after he contracted mesothelioma - a condition which affects the inner lining of the lung but can remain dormant in the body for many years - during his time working in various establishments, such as the William Gray Shipyard, between 1948 and 1984, the Hartlepool Mail reports.

Despite the fact that none of these three firms are still in existence, a claim for damages may be lodged against insurance companies linked to them.

Prior to his death, Mr Carr noted in a written witness statement that he "looked like a snowman at the end of each day as the asbestos fibre would be in my hair, all over my overalls and in my hair", the news source added.

Posted by Helen Jones

24/01/2011 16:53