Expert: Employers still neglecting health and safety

Too many employers across all sectors in the UK are not altering their internal policies and practices in reaction to accidents at work, an expert has said.

According to Roger Bibbings, occupational safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents,  there is still not enough emphasis on the importance of making sure that incidents which cause injuries such as broken bones do not reoccur.

Mr Bibbings stated that many organisations are not "learning lessons from accidents and incidents at work" and added that they do not respond adequately to "near misses".

"In the workplace, health and safety culture is a good thing, saving lives, preventing injuries and helping to cut costs and promoting efficiency," he advised.

The expert went on to say that a "robust" internal system for health and safety is "key" for any company.

This comes after research by Michael Page recently found that Tuesday is seen as the most stressful day at work by most employees.

Posted by Craig Williams

26/01/2011 16:45