Child sustains whiplash on school trip

The parents or guardians of a child who sustained whiplash during a school trip may decide to seek personal injury compensation.

According to the Daily Mail, a youngster had to be airlifted to hospital for treatment for the condition - which can affect muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons in the neck, back and shoulder - after a driver crashed a coach load of pupils from Astbury Primary School in Congleton into several walls and fences on an excursion in Wales.

The news source stated that motorist Stuart Unwin, who is 38 years old, continued on his journey up a narrow mountain road in Llanbedr, Gwyned, despite having a burst tyre on the vehicle.

During a case heard at Dolgellu Magistrates Court, Mr Unwin insisted that his satnav system had sent him up the dangerous route, but it was also said that he was asked "time and time again" by teachers to stop as "the children were crying and frightened".

Posted by Patrick White

07/01/2011 16:45