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Latest Personal Injury News

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UK Government Plans to Increase Court Fees

Earlier this month the UK Government published a paper stating that it plans to increase court fees for certain claims.

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What to Do if Stress at Work is Affecting Your Health

Everyone feels stress at some point. A little bit of stress can even be good for you but long-term exposure to stress can be seriously bad for your health.

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Butcher Gets Compensation in Amputation Claim

A Somerset butcher has returned to work with a prosthesis after losing a limb in a work accident.

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Lucas Leiva Dreams of Wembley Final after Football Injury

Lucas Leiva is a young Brazilian man with a dream. Tonight he lines up in Liverpool’s midfield against Chelsea in the League Cup Semi-Final Second Leg at Stamford Bridge.

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AA Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice

The recent spate of cold winter weather has been a good reminder of the particular need at this time of year to be safe on the road.

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2015 Marks 40 Years of the Health and Safety Executive

January 2015 marks the fortieth anniversary of the creation of the Health and Safety Executive.

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UK Government Plans to Limit Choice of Medical Experts

Last month HM Government announced plans to limit the choice of medical experts in certain personal injury cases.

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Review of Asbestos in Schools Continues to be Delayed

Numerous schools across the UK still have dangerous amounts of asbestos materials somewhere on their premises.

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Heroism Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Last week HM Government's Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill got one step closer to becoming law.

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Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Claims Explained

If you are injured in a slip, trip or fall accident which is someone else’s fault then you may well have a claim for personal injury compensation.

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Work Related Hearing Loss Claims Explained

If you’ve suffered hearing loss due to your work environment then you may well be able to claim compensation from your employer.

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Food Poisoning and Holiday Sickness Claims

If you suffer food poisoning or get sick whilst on holiday then it’s quite possible that you can claim compensation when you are back home in the UK.

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Work Accident Compensation Claims Explained

There are three main ways of establishing liability against an employer. The first is for straightforward negligence, this is basically when an employer fails to take sufficient care of an employee.

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Car Accident Compensation Claims Explained

If you are injured in a car accident and can prove that the other driver is at fault then you may well have a successful claim for compensation. If the injury stops you from working then you may also claim for lost wages.

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Can I Claim for a Work Accident on a Zero Hours Contract?

In general the answer is yes but it will depend on the circumstances of the accident. Call our Personal Injury Lawyers for a free review of your case.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Accident Compensation Money?

The answer depends very much on the type of accident, the type of injury, what is in dispute and who is on the other side.

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Holiday Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Even when the Travel Regulations don’t apply, Travel Claims Lawyers can still look into other laws to help you claim compensation for your injuries. 

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Driver in Tragic Automatism Case Acquitted of Blame

A recent Mail Online article featured a tragic story about a couple in their 40’s who were killed when their motorbike and sidecar was crashed into by a driver who blacked out and lost control as a result of choking on a sweet.

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Building Company Fined after Work Accident Injury

A building company and the director of a roofing firm have been handed hefty fines after a workplace accident in which an employee suffered serious injuries.

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£6.7 Million Compensation for NHS Medical Mistakes

A 12-year-old boy has been awarded £6.7 million medical negligence compensation after medical mistakes caused serious brain injuries when he was four.

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