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Latest Personal Injury News

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Food Poisoning and Holiday Sickness Claims

If you suffer food poisoning or get sick whilst on holiday then it’s quite possible that you can claim compensation when you are back home in the UK.

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Work Accident Compensation Claims Explained

There are three main ways of establishing liability against an employer. The first is for straightforward negligence, this is basically when an employer fails to take sufficient care of an employee.

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Car Accident Compensation Claims Explained

If you are injured in a car accident and can prove that the other driver is at fault then you may well have a successful claim for compensation. If the injury stops you from working then you may also claim for lost wages.

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Can I Claim for a Work Accident on a Zero Hours Contract?

In general the answer is yes but it will depend on the circumstances of the accident. Call our Personal Injury Lawyers for a free review of your case.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Accident Compensation Money?

The answer depends very much on the type of accident, the type of injury, what is in dispute and who is on the other side.

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Holiday Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Even when the Travel Regulations don’t apply, Travel Claims Lawyers can still look into other laws to help you claim compensation for your injuries. 

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Driver in Tragic Automatism Case Acquitted of Blame

A recent Mail Online article featured a tragic story about a couple in their 40’s who were killed when their motorbike and sidecar was crashed into by a driver who blacked out and lost control as a result of choking on a sweet.

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Building Company Fined after Work Accident Injury

A building company and the director of a roofing firm have been handed hefty fines after a workplace accident in which an employee suffered serious injuries.

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£6.7 Million Compensation for NHS Medical Mistakes

A 12-year-old boy has been awarded £6.7 million medical negligence compensation after medical mistakes caused serious brain injuries when he was four.

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Man Exposed to Asbestos in School Gets Compensation

A man who developed an asbestos-related illness after being exposed to asbestos at school has secured compensation from a local authority.

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Steelwork Firm Fined after Workplace Injury

A steelwork company in Herefordshire has been handed a £12,000 fine after a member of staff was injured by a falling metal sheet.

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NHS to Pay £5.5 Million Compensation for Medical Mistakes

A clinical negligence compensation package worth £5.5 million has been agreed in the case of a nine-year-old girl who was left with brain damage after medical errors.

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NHS Pays Medical Negligence Compensation to Boy

A 12-year-old boy has received medical negligence compensation from the NHS after medical staff failed to identify a serious eye condition for five years.

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Business Fined after Employee Work Accident

A horse bedding manufacturer has been fined £18,000 following a workplace accident in which a 17-year-old man's arm was crushed.

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Roofing Firm Fined after Worker Injured in Fall

A roofing company has been fined following an accident in which an employee fell and fractured his skull, eye socket and wrist.

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HSE Reports Surge in Mesothelioma Deaths

The number of people dying from the Asbestos disease Mesothelioma in the UK has gone up in the last few years, according to new figures from the Health and Safety Executive.

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FSA Identifies over 1m Food Poisoning Cases

The UK is seeing more than a million cases of food poisoning a year, according to new figures from the Food Standards Agency.

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Clinical Negligence Compensation Payout for Brain Injuries

An 11-year-old girl is to receive a seven-figure sum in compensation after clinical errors led to her suffering serious brain injuries.

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Company Fined £10,000 after Work Accident Injury

A joinery firm in Essex has been fined £10,000 following an accident on its premises in which an employee was crushed by falling MDF.

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Car Accident Victim Gets Compensation Settlement

A 21-year-old man whose spine was seriously damaged in a car accident and was left paralysed is to receive a substantial amount in compensation.

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