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Latest Personal Injury News

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Horse Riding Accidents – Make Sure You’re Insured

It is important to be mindful of the dangers of horse riding before mounting your horse. Anything could happen and so you should be cautious by insuring yourself and your horse.

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A lotta lotta Ladder Accidents

Falling off ladders is a very common accident in the workplace. We look at two cases that show the importance of safety when using ladders and working at height.

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Teachers are Entitled to Compensation Too

Injuries at school can leave you with ongoing health issues and sometimes unable to return to the job you love. Find out more about compensation for teachers.

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The UK 30mph Speed Limit is 80 Years Old – Will it Reach 90?

The 30 miles per hour speed limit was introduced 80 years ago but with more collisions happening on 30mph roads, could we soon be noticing more 20mph limits in our towns and cities?

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Whiplash Claims Near Record Levels

An insurance report has suggested the UK has the highest number of whiplash claims in Europe.

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Engineer Suffers Loss of Limb as 700kg Metal Sheet Slices Off Toes

An engineering firm from Kent admitted a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations which resulted in an employee losing four toes.

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Medical Negligence Explained

Clinical and medical negligence mistakes can have major implications for the patient involved, leading to drastic changes being made in their everyday lives.

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Eight Broken Ribs in Fall from Height Accident in Birmingham

A Wood Machinist had a dangerous fall from height in his Birmingham factory workplace. His company was found at fault for the accident at work by the investigation.

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Driving at Work Guide Published in Northern Ireland

A guide published in Northern Ireland on driving at work highlights the need for road safety at all times, and is a reminder of the responsibility that employers hold towards their employees.

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NHS Performance Levels ‘at Their Worst since 1990s’

A leading health think tank report has revealed that NHS performance levels are deteriorating at a rate not seen since the early 1990s.

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Transport Firm Fined After Worker Crushed Between Two Lorries

A Transport firm was fined after one of its employees was crushed between two lorries.

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Toy Firm Fined After Fatal Roof Fall

A toy distributor has been fined after a worker fell nine metres to his death while clearing debris from a warehouse roof.

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Child Killed By Fitting Room Mirror

An inquest has heard how a four-year-old boy out shopping with his parents was tragically killed when a shop fitting room mirror toppled over and crushed him.

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Firm Fined for Safety Failings as Man Blinded at Work

An Edinburgh man was blinded in one eye due to lack of safety equipment at work. The firm he worked for has been fined £165,000 for breaching health and safety regulations.

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5 Ways Other Countries Do Driving Tests

As the UK driving test recently celebrated its 80th birthday we look how the test is different in some other countries around the world.

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Hints and Tips for an Easter Break with the Family

The Easter holidays are a great time to go on a family holiday, kids are off school and it’s the first real break since Christmas. Here are some travel hints and tips.

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Teenager Gets Amputation Compensation after Work Accident

Work experience accident resulted in personal injury compensation when a teenager’s finger was amputated.

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What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and What are the Symptoms?

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer – find out what the symptoms are, what causes it and how to protect yourself from being poisoned.

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Long Term Memories Could be Restored for People with a Brain Injury

There are hopes that memories might be restored by implanting microchips inside those who have sustained a localised injury in the brain or have stroke-damaged brains.

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Do you Know the Hazards in Your Workplace?

Consider the five main types of potential hazards in your workplace, so that you needn’t worry about being injured in an accident at work.

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