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Preventing Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Claims

The first thing to act upon when it comes to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is to be aware of it. This may sound obvious, but carbon monoxide is not.


What Can I do if I have an Electrical Problem in my Student House?

Thousands of students are hurt every year by poorly maintained student accommodation. It’s up to your landlord to keep you safe and repair faulty electrics.


Holidays, Quad Bikes, and Keeping Safe

A quad bike or dune buggy may seem safe and fun but they cause many accidents every year, often with life-changing consequences. Stay safe in the UK and abroad when trying somethin…


Yes! Learner Drivers Can Be Blamed for Causing a Crash

Learner drivers although they are learning, are not excluded from being at fault if they cause a road traffic accident and injure other road users or cause damage to other vehicles…


Street Light Free Streets – A Light Bulb Moment?

The decision by councils to turn street lights off at night time may save money but at the same time could cause people to have accidents with lack of light when out in the dark.