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HSE Gas Safety Cases Highlight Risks

Two Health and Safety Executive prosecutions highlight the risks which gas in domestic premises can hold. One case involved fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


Council Liable for Drowning Accident in Swimming Pool

Essex County Council have been found liable for an accident in which a ten year old girl nearly drowned in a swimming pool resulting in serious brain injuries.


Medical Defence Union Rejects New Investigation Branch for NHS

The Medical Defence Union emphasised the large number of bodies and routes which already exist to look at complaints and called for better coordination between these existing bodi…


Ambulance Service Found Liable for Failing in Patient’s Treatment

This tragic case highlights the need for emergency services to follow the correct procedures and to look beyond merely the view of the patient themselves.


Brain Injury at Birth Awarded £10 million Compensation

A girl who sustained serious brain injuries during her delivery has been awarded over £10 million damages by the High Court.