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Fragile Surfaces

What fragile surfaces should I be careful working on? What buildings are the most dangerous? Who is most at risk of falling from height? Personal Injury Lawyers explain.


Next Recalls Heart Kettle Due to Faulty Handle

Next has recalled their pretty red heart kettle due to its loose handle which can come away from the body of the kettle when being lifted.


Treadmill Injuries: Distractions Cause Accidents

An increase in treadmill accidents leading to hospital treatment calls for all gyms to ensure members are instructed on using exercise equipment.


Mind the Moving Steps: The Dangers of Escalators

Personal Injury Lawyer discusses when it comes to escalators, should there be more warnings and safety precautions in public places?


Are Cows Dangerous? Tips to Stay Safe when Walking through a Cattle Field

Public footpaths often cross through cattle fields. Read some tips on how to stay safe if you walk through a field containing cows.