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NutriBullet Explosion Left Young Mum with Horrific Burns

A young mum has suffered second degree burns after a NutriBullet juicer exploded as she was using it.


Woman Cyclist Wins Compensation After Horrific Accident

A cyclist who suffered significant life-changing injuries after she was hit by a car has won her claim for compensation.


Row, Row, Row Yourself Safely Down the Canal

Claims Direct warn you to take care on your summer strolls down picturesque canal towpaths, because if you’re not careful you could trip on uneven surfaces and end up in the cold w…


3 Non-Technology Related Driver Distractions That Cause Accidents

We often hear about accidents caused by drivers looking at their phones, but there are many other non-digital distracted driver stories out there.


Teenager Falls From Height at Rock Climbing Club

Essex County Council failed to keep young people safe whilst at the Harlow Centre for Outdoor Learning resulting in bruised internal organs for one girl.