Honda Recalls 4.5 million Cars Due to Faulty Airbag

Dangerous and potentially fatal airbags are in many Honda cars. 24.5 million cars have been recalled to prevent people being injured by flying metal fragments.


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In the ‘British Summer’ be careful not to get caught out in flip-flops when it rains by rushing into nearby shops where you could slip on wet floor.


Why Machines Need Guards and Preventative Measures

Guarding is needed for all machines with dangerous moving parts. Guards can prevent accidents at work causing crush injuries, loss of limb and other serious injuries.


Deadly Insects in the Supermarket: A Public Liability?

With more venomous insects being found inside our food products, will supermarkets begin to experience more public liability claims for any injuries caused?


Why Slipping and Tripping is No Joke and should be taken seriously

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