Preparing for Your Holiday in the Sun

Don’t let food poisoning spoil your holiday. Take a look at some common summer sun-related illnesses to bear in mind before heading abroad.


Company Fined for Breaking Height Safety Regulations

Proactive prosecution results in development company Landrose Developments Limited being fined. Companies can be proactive in preventing fall from height accidents.


Tips to Avoid Trips

To help avoid slipping or tripping in the workplace the expert Personal Injury Lawyers at Claims Direct have put together a list of tips to avoid slips and trips.


How to Avoid Accidents on Escalators

People use escalators on a daily basis but are you aware of the potential dangers of an accident if you are not careful and cautious when using them?


Man Dies inside Industrial Pressure Cooker

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli found guilty of breaching the health and safety act for their part in fatal accident where worker was cooked alive inside giant pressure cooker.