Firm Fined after Apprentice Injured at Work

Accidents at work - an apprentice lost a finger and severely injured his thumb when his glove caught on a blade at a sawmill.


South Yorkshire Firm Fined for Worker Dragged into Machinery

Yorkshire worker left with life-changing injuries after being dragged into unguarded recycling plant machinery. Investigation finds company to blame.


Fragile Surfaces

What fragile surfaces should I be careful working on? What buildings are the most dangerous? Who is most at risk of falling from height? Personal Injury Lawyers explain.


Next Recalls Heart Kettle Due to Faulty Handle

Next has recalled their pretty red heart kettle due to its loose handle which can come away from the body of the kettle when being lifted.


Treadmill Injuries: Distractions Cause Accidents

An increase in treadmill accidents leading to hospital treatment calls for all gyms to ensure members are instructed on using exercise equipment.