Slurry Causing Health and Safety Risks for Farmers

The problem is that the slurry can produce a mixture of gases including carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide.


World Cancer Day and a Report into Work Related Cancer

The problem can be that the risks might seem small and work related cancers might be put down to other factors rather than potentially the actual cause.


HSE Gas Safety Cases Highlight Risks

Two Health and Safety Executive prosecutions highlight the risks which gas in domestic premises can hold. One case involved fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


Council Liable for Drowning Accident in Swimming Pool

Essex County Council have been found liable for an accident in which a ten year old girl nearly drowned in a swimming pool resulting in serious brain injuries.


Medical Defence Union Rejects New Investigation Branch for NHS

The Medical Defence Union emphasised the large number of bodies and routes which already exist to look at complaints and called for better coordination between these existing bodi…