Hand-arm vibration at work – what is it and how can it be prevented?

Hand-arm vibration at work can cause long term damage and leave you unable to do your job. Find out how to reduce the risk and what your employer is responsible for.


New ‘Drugalyser’ set to Catch Drivers Breaking the Drug Driving Law

In a bid to decrease the number of road traffic accidents the UK Government introduced changes to the drug driving law on 2nd March 2015.


Tesco Criticised for Treatment of Injured Customer

Supermarket chain Tesco has been criticised for leaving an injured and elderly customer lying on the ground in agony under a leaking roof.


Driver Awarded £4million after Missed Brain Injury Diagnosis

A Wiltshire man was left with broken bones after a road traffic accident but the High Court awards him £4million due to a missed brain damage diagnosis. 


Britain’s Police Forces Reveal Shocking Scale of 2014 Speeding Incidents

Police forces across England and Wales have revealed the shocking scale of drivers caught on camera speeding in 2014.