Police Shoot Dog Following Traumatic Attack on Owner

An animal attack saw a dog owner in Bolton, Greater Manchester mauled by his pet pit bull, leaving the police no choice but to shoot the dog dead.


How to Protect Yourself against Avoidable Hearing Loss

The World Health Organisation reveals that 50% of hearing loss is avoidable. Take a look at the preventative measures you can take to avoid going deaf.


Human Error and Other Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

One of the most likely causes of road traffic accidents is human error but this is not the only cause, there are other factors to consider too.


Council Pays Out Over £50,000 in Trip and Fall Compensation

Norwich Council has been held responsible for the welfare of its residents after numerous claims due to uneven surfaces in the city.


Back Injuries | Simple Causes, Major Discomfort

A back injury can cause great pain and discomfort, but it is usually only caused by minor things such as a sprain, strain or irritated nerves.