Forklift Truck Accident puts Operator in Court

A man has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive after a teenager was seriously injured by a falling heater unit that weighed almost half a tonne.


£6,000 Fine after Worker Suffers Hand Injuries

A firm in County Durham has been fined £6,000 following an accident in which a worker's hand was seriously injured by a glue rolling machine.


Manufacturer Fined after Work Injury Accident

PPE manufacturer JSP Ltd has been fined £4,000 following an accident in which an employee's hand was crushed by part of a printing machine.


Company Fined after Forklift Accident

The unnamed 27-year-old agency worker was brought in by Murfitts Industries in Lakenheath to help move objects around the factory floor. The company makes rubber granules for indu…


Cyclist Considers Compensation after Pothole Accident

Tony Webber, who works for the University of Surrey in a hospitality role, was travelling home from a friend's house when the pothole accident took place.