Burn Injuries at Work Lead to Induced Coma

Agency worker Vlatko Milenkov, 31, was hired by Dray Building and was among a team tasked with stripping out a property in Westminster prior to its refurbishment.


Fall from Height Caused Permanent Back Injury

Two companies in Aberdeen have been fined after a worker was severely hurt in a fall from height accident, leaving him with permanent back injuries.


Charity in Court after Child Loses Finger

A charity has been prosecuted after a boy with special needs lost a finger in an accident at a school involving a dangerous door.


£7,000 Compensation Paid for Holiday Sickness

The Nixon family suffered from severe food poisoning sickness symptoms including diarrhoea and stomach cramps as they stayed at the Holiday Village resort in Sarigerme, Turkey.


Plumber Prosecuted over Illegal Gas Job

Darren Queeley, who lives in Hampton, Middlesex was taken to Court by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) over unsafe work he carried out on a property in Milton Keynes in Janua…