Dock Company Fined £15k after Work Accident Injury

A dock company in Essex has been hit with a £15,000 fine after an employee sustained serious injuries to his leg in a workplace accident.


Home Office Faces RSI Compensation Claims

The Home Office is facing multiple lawsuits from employees who believe they have developed Repetitive Strain Injuries as a result of their work.


Campylobacter Food Poisoning in Doncaster Area

Healthcare officials in Doncaster have expressed concerns ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend that more people in the area may fall victim to the campylobacter germ.


Forklift Truck Accident puts Operator in Court

A man has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive after a teenager was seriously injured by a falling heater unit that weighed almost half a tonne.


£6,000 Fine after Worker Suffers Hand Injuries

A firm in County Durham has been fined £6,000 following an accident in which a worker's hand was seriously injured by a glue rolling machine.