Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patient

Dr Allan Clark's negligence meant 40-year-old Sarah Taylor has to undergo extensive corrective treatment, including bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.


Woman awarded £5,000 for poor dental treatment

Carole Gavin sued Dr Alykhan Dinani over treatment that was carried out to such a low standard it resulted in her losing a tooth. Ms Gavin had visited the dentist for routine root…


Bradford company fined over 6m fall

The 46-year-old self-employed man injured in the incident was hired by MD Construction to remove a number of ventilation turrets from the top of a warehouse roof in Leeds.


Man issues compensation claim over teacher strike

Chris Walker said he wanted the money back because if he failed to bring his children to school, he would be fined £60 per day, per child, according to the Northampton Chronicle a…


Former merchant seaman wins asbestos compensation

Michael Hopekirk, 70, of St Leonards, retired in 2006 but was previously a skipper and engineer on merchant navy ships, according to the Hastings Observer.