Supervisor fined after serious fall accident injuries

Paul Burke allowed workers, including Phillip Giles, on to a roof when he decided that using a safer scissor lift was taking too much time and was proving too difficult to complet…


Engineering firm may face legal action after work accident

Bridgend Magistrates heard today that an unnamed worker, who was at Dollcast as a contractor, was using a scissor lift to replace a set of lights in a fabrication workshop.


Company could face legal action after crush injury

An unnamed worker was was unloading paper from his truck into a dumping warehouse at DS Smith Paper's site when the accident happened in February 2010.


Auto firm may face legal action after work injury

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was carrying out essential maintenance work on a paint fume filter when the incident happened.


Fall injury accident may lead to compensation claim

An unnamed pupil at Manningtree High School was chosen by teachers to be among four students to attempt the first ever lead climb at the establishment's rock wall.