Roofer falls from height may claim compensation

He fell through a skylight, suffering a fractured pelvis, back and foot when he landed on the factory floor seven metres below.


Council may have to pay compensation for head injury

A 5.5 metre-high flagpole in Otley Memorial Garden had been rotting for some time - and the council had received warnings about the potential danger from its own members of staff.…


Work accident led to leg amputation

James O'Connor suffered shoulder, back and leg injuries in an incident while working for Wimborne-based building company Ferndown Developments in April 2009.


Workplace accident caused broken bones

The unnamed professional sustained two fractured legs, a broken pelvis, a crushed right foot and damage to his left knee when a huge steel bar hit him while he was working at a fo…


Back injury at work after worker falls from tree

The unnamed 41-year-old was using a chainsaw to prune the branches of a tree on premises kept by farm owner Hamish Janson in Newton, east Hampshire, in June 2011 and fell after lo…