Dying woman wins asbestos compensation

The woman's lawyers confirmed she was given the payment after convincing trustees at the firm she developed a deadly form of mesothelioma when she lived 500 yards away from th…


London mock-log cabin collapses, injures worker

The unnamed 35-year-old worker from Stoke Newington suffered leg fracture and a cracked skull when a section of a log cabin set toppled from a forklift truck and pinned him to the…


Company fined after fatal accident at work

The verdict may leave those surviving Raymond Thomas Burns, 43, of Eston, in a position where they can launch a civil compensation as his former employer has now admitted liabilit…


Thief ordered to pay compensation

Colin Hunter, 63, of Hatton Close in Lincoln, was already handed a 16-week sentence earlier this year, but this may be added to if he fails to pay the unnamed 73-year old victim&#…


Cyclist calls for pothole action

Keith Wigley, 60, of Heeley, was riding along the A61 when his wheel got stuck in a pothole that was covered up by a puddle, reports The Star.