Pedestrians trip over 'optical illusion' pavement

While at certain angles it is obvious there is a kerb in the road, some people in the town have complained the drop from pavement to road is essentially invisible from some perspe…


Council fined over health and safety failing

Galashiels Academy student Nadine Craig was forced to spend ten days in hospital and six months off school following an incident in her classroom in 2007 in which she was dragged …


Roofer ordered to compensate customers

John Smith admitted seven charges of breaching Trading Standards regulations when he appeared in court recently, including wrongly advertising his business as a family-run local o…


Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patient

Dr Allan Clark's negligence meant 40-year-old Sarah Taylor has to undergo extensive corrective treatment, including bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.


Woman awarded £5,000 for poor dental treatment

Carole Gavin sued Dr Alykhan Dinani over treatment that was carried out to such a low standard it resulted in her losing a tooth. Ms Gavin had visited the dentist for routine root…