Fall from height accident at work injures workmen

Ricki Slocombe and Matthew Blackmore were hurt when they fell from a height of four storeys while working on a construction project to build new student accommodation at Exeter Un…


Property developer put workers' lives at risk

Mr. Di Piazza admitted he had failed to appoint a suitable principal contractor and did not take steps to ensure work was carried out without risking the health and safety of sta…


Construction workers can claim compensation

Compensation can be claimed by construction workers working on a building site after they were left working in unsuitable conditions while the site manager was on holiday.


Worker sues Council for back injury compensation

Robbie Murray is taking legal action against Dumfries and Galloway Council after a work accident in which he was crushed between two vehicles as he paved the surface of the C2 roa…


Both legs amputated after work accident

William James was crushed when a cargo container was unintentionally lowered onto him while he worked for Stanton Grove at the Port of Tilbury in Essex in March 2010.